Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Rolls and Fruit Smoothies for the BEACH!

Spring Break normally means a busy airport and a hotel room for us.  This year we were so busy we didn't make plans...which has been AWESOME.  Today we're heading to the beach with Grandma and Grandpa.  Which means I need SNACKS.  This is a favorite spring-time meal that Diego and I like to fix.  It's easy, full of veggies, and you can make up your own dipping sauce!  They're easy to pack in containers and I'm even adding a fruity, non-dairy, smoothie that's great for on-the-go!  Make this as a "to-go" meal or for dinner tonight on the patio.  Everyone will enjoy making their own custom SPRING ROLL!

What Ya Need for the Spring Roll:

Mekong Rice Paper (you can find it at Whole Foods) * Broccoli Slaw
Purple Cabbage * Shredded Carrots * Sliced Zucchini (thin)
Peeled/Cleaned Shrimp (optional) * Cilantro

[I just grab all of my left-over vegetables and dice them up into slivers so Diego can grab whatever he wants to put inside of his spring roll.  It's a great way to clean out the veggie box!]

How Ya Do It:
1.  Take rice paper and place on wax paper.
2.  Take a large plate and fill with cool water.
3.  Gently dip rice paper into cool plated water and quickly remove.
4.  Return to wax paper.
5.  Stack any veggies you would like (adding shrimp last).
6.  Roll the rice paper like a burrito and close the ends.
     (You can re-dip the ends inside of the cool water if they aren't sticky)

What Ya Need-Fruit Smoothie:

Orange Juice (1 cup) * Ice (1 cup)
Berries (you're choice) * Bananas (2)

How Ya Do It:
1.  Place ice and orange juice in blender and mix.
2.  Add berries and mix.
3.  Add bananas one at a time to determine thickness.
4.  Empty into a traveling container and go!

Side recipe for dip we use on our Spring Rolls:
1.  I put spicy mustard (2 tablespoons) into my dressing mixer.
2.  I then add Lemon (1 juiced) and Olive Oil (3 tablespoons).
3.  I add herbs from my garden (today cilantro).

We're going to enjoy snacking on these at the beach today.  I hope you all have a blessed, sunny day and remember God's wonderful grace in our lives during this Lenten season. :) - Elizabeth

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