Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lenten Taco's for Dinner Tonight!

The great thing about coming from various cultures is that you can mix in recipes during Lent and still be faithful to your fast.  Diego wants me to make Verde Taco's for dinner tonight.  They're a great way to get your kids to eat green vegetables and still feel like they're eating a taco!  So...let's get started!

What You Will Need

Corn Tortillas  *  Zucchini Squash  * Yellow Squash or Crooked Neck
Kale or Spinach  * Cherry or Grade Tomatoes * Garlic
Onion diced *  Mushrooms * Can of Refried Black Beans

(I don't say how much because you know how big your family is and how much you eat.  I cook for 3 people..which is hard because I grew up helping cook for 10.  So, you figure your portions..but it's never bad to go over a bit because once you eat one can't seem to stop.)

Here's How You Do It

Prepare the Squash:
1.  Slice zucchini and yellow squash into long strips (around 1/2 of an inch thick).
2.  If you are using butter and oil..then drizzle on top of the squash. (optional)
3.  Season with pepper and salt (optional)
4.  Place in a steamer and steam until soft.

Prepare the Spinach or Kale:
1.  Heat pan with oil or butter and add garlic and diced onions.
2.  Add Kale or Spinach and saute.
3.  Add Mushrooms

Prepare the VERDE TACO!
1.  Heat the refried beans in a pan or in the microwave.
2.  Heat your corn tortilla's on the stove (don't burn your fingers)
3.  Take the tortilla and smear the black beans on the inside.
4.  Add the sauteed Spinach (or Kale) and Squash.
5.  Top it with your cherry or grape tomatoes (sliced).


[Side note:  I gather whatever is ready in my garden and make these taco's.  I have cilantro that I will add to the side and sliced avocados or guacamole!]

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