Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring ripened stuffed tomatoes over brown rice, baby!

Whew!  Today is another busy day and I barely have time to whip out this blog.  Sometimes it seems like back-to-back-to-back is a never ending cycle lately.  My after Lent and soccer season goal is to be under-commited!  Speaking of soccer, my boys won Saturday's game 7-0! Awesome!  Monday I got Mike Chabala (defender from the Houston Dynamo's) to come and train my team.  So, today we're going to put some of his training into practice.  This means I'm going to have one hungry little boy when we get home.  So, I'm going to make a simple but filling meal tonight.

Here's What Ya Need:
Super Large Under-ripe Tomatoes (I'm making 6, 2 for each person)
Mushrooms (diced), Onion (diced), Cilantro (chopped)
Yellow/Green Bell Pepper (diced), Olive Oil, Pepper,
Arugula (chopped), Salt (optional), Garlic (diced), Brown Rice

Here's What Ya Do:
Stuffed Tomatoes:
1.  Take the tomatoes and slice the very tip off (where the vine comes out).
2.  Scoop out all of the inside to turn it into a cup!
3.  Heat your oven to 325 degrees.
4.  Drizzle olive oil and garlic in saute pan.
5.  Add all veggies inside of the pan and cook until al dente.
6.  Scoop out spoonfuls and place inside of the tomato cups.
7.  Place into oven for 15 minutes until tomatoes are warmed.

Note:  I never like to cook my tomatoes all the way until they get mushy.  I like the inside to be hot from the saute pan and the tomatoes to just be slightly warmed on the outside!

I'm cheating tonight by getting my frozen organic brown rice from Whole Foods and placing inside of microwave for 3 minutes and it's done! Woo hoo!

This is the perfect dish for tonight as it's a bit warm will fill our tummies without making us feel yucky.  I also made red velvet cupcakes last night so they'll be our dessert tonight!

Have a great night you guys and enjoy!

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