Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Making A SOUPER Meal Today!

Today I have to be really quick with dinner.  I have a crazy schedule this week and I'm not going to have time to make complicated meals.  So, I'm going to grab a ton of ripened tomatoes from the garden, stew them, and then turn them into a sweet tomato soup this evening.

Here's What Ya Need:
Stewed Tomatoes * Fresh Basil * Sugar (YES, SUGAR!)
Pepper * Garlic * Onions (optional) * Croutons

Here's What Ya Do:
1.  Take the garlic, onions, basil, and stewed tomatoes and put into a blender.
2. Liquify all.
3.  Add pepper.
4.  Add sugar to taste.
5.  Drop a few croutons on top for decoration when you serve!

As usual, I'll serve this with a vegetable salad!  I'm also going to peel some apples, put them in my small saute pan, add some honey and sugar and have that for dessert!  Super fast, super easy, and dinner is served!

[To stew your tomatoes: boil in water, remove peeling when able, and add a dash of white vinegar! Continue to boil until done!  Also, please note that the stewed tomatoes should be so hot when you take them out of the water and liquify them that you don't need to heat this meal up in a pan.]

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