Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fancy Pants Night!

Tonight I feel like eating something fancy.  I have to coach a soccer game today and will be driving quite a bit, so when I get home I want to be able to make something quick and fancy.  The fanciest thing I can think of are lobster tails!  They have some great lobster tails at our HEB so I'm going to grab some on the way home.  I also want to use the rest of my vegetables that I have cut up in my fridge.  Right now I have 2 green zucchini, 1 red bell pepper, two tomatoes (from my garden), champagne mushrooms (a handful), 2 apples, and mixed lettuce.  I'm going to throw all of these chopped end-of-the-week veggies into a steamer and season them with lemon and basil leaves from the garden.  I'm also going to use the fresh mint from my garden to make a mint tea-lemonade!  I don't add sugar to my tea or lemonade (because I'm sweet enough) but you can if you like. I can't hardly wait to sit down to dinner tonight!

Here's What Ya Need:

Lobster Tails (I'm only getting 4 small ones 'cuz John's allergic)
Butter * EVOO * Lemon Juice (1/2 a lemon) * Basil (chopped)
Left-over Vegetables (whatever you have left in your fridge!)
Mint (leaves no stem) * Lemonade (from lemons or packet will do!)
Favorite Tea (mine is from Teavana and it's a Peach/Lemon) * Sparkling Water

Here's How Ya Do It:
Elizabeth's Tea Lemonade:
1.  Brew your favorite tea and set aside to cool (about 2 cups).
2.  Take 3 large fresh lemons and roll to mix the juices inside.
3.  Take sparkling water (1 cup) and add into blender.
4.  Squeeze the juice from the lemons into the blender.
5.  Take the mint (about 1/2 a cup) and put into blender.
6.  Mix until the mint is everywhere!
7.  Take your tea, mint lemonade, and pour into pitcher.
8.  With a large spoon, stir.
9.  You can add sugar if you like.  I just add ice, ice, baby!
     (my mom likes it with make an extra side for your mom's!)

Lobster Tails and Vegetables: [You need a large steam pot for this!]
1.  Take a large steam pot and add water on the bottom. Medium-High heat.
2.  Place vegetables and lobster tails inside.
3.  Add Pepper (salt optional) to taste.
4.  Steam until lobster is solid white and outer shell is bright pinkish/red.
     [I also like to remove the lobster and put them face down on an indoor
       grill pan for a few minutes to get those lovely grill marks on them.]
5.  Add Lemon juice on top and chopped basil.
6.  Serve.

I also melt the butter and add some lemon juice and olive oil to it to make an alioli dressing for the lobster.  It's easy and yummier than just plain old butter.

This is really a fun, fancy meal to make and SO incredibly Lenten.  If you're giving up butter and can simply remove them from the recipe.  It will still be AWESOME!  Dress up for dinner and have fun in that formal dining room you never use! ;)  Elizabeth

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